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Harnessing digital technology and citizen engagement approaches to realize the potential of libraries to deliver development.

  • Action Aid Nigeria
  • African Child Project
  • BUKU
  • ECA Library
  • Goethe-Institut
  • Kigali Public Library
  • Kenya National Library and Archives Services
  • Libraries Without Walls
  • Motionwares Digital Solutions
  • Nigeria Reads
  • Nigerian Library Association
  • Namibia Library and Archives Services
  • Public and Private Development Center
  • Start A Library Trust
  • Worldreader
  • YiSHDA

Who we are

Empowering Minds, Enriching Communities: Our Library advocacy in Africa

We have an overarching goal of making libraries more viable. Our drive has harvested several hundred young minds across Africa who are now part of our constantly expanding team, doing what we do in the communities where it’s needed most.

Who we are

Our overriding Persuasion.

With access to information being at the center of community development, our relentless drive is to establish a structure that ensures a sustainable impact in revamping Libraries in Africa for continuous societal impact. This is our mission and all hands are constantly on deck to ensure its fruition, leaving no libraries and no community behind.

Our Approach

We excitedly leverage on digital technology to pioneer most of our activities and embrace citizen engagement approaches to drive projects and policy reforms for libraries across Africa.

Our Programmatic Focus

  • Technology Innovation for Libraries

    Co-creating technology solutions and applications that supports and enhances library services delivery in African countries.

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    Technology Innovation for Libraries
  • Innovation Co-Creation & Community Engagement

    Co-creating innovative solutions centered on the capacity development of emerging library leaders, library intervention, and outreach services to support the potential of libraries to deliver development.

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    Innovation Co-Creation & Community Engagement

The Library Impact Podcast

The Library Impact Podcast features stories and conversations on how libraries drive progress and meaningful impact in people's lives.

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The Library Impact Podcast
  • Library Advocacy, Policy & Research

    Advancing stakeholders and library leaders involvement in state of library and policy issues affecting different countries in Africa and engendering strong library policy making culture, network and structure for far-reaching future societal impact.

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    Library Advocacy, Policy & Research
  • Library Volunteer Corps

    Library Volunteer Corps leverages digital technology and citizen engagement approaches to remotely connect libraries with volunteers to exchange values and other services that will improve library visibility, service delivery, user experience and make libraries more viable.

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    Library Volunteer Corps