About Us.​

Library Aid Africa (formerly known as ‘Library and You’) is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on access to information through functional libraries in schools and communities. We harness advocacy and also support for the resuscitation of libraries in schools and communities – leveraging digital technology and citizen engagement approaches to drive projects and policy reforms for libraries in 10 African countries.

At Library Aid Africa we believe that access to information is pertinent to develop an informed literate citizen. As this equips the mind of the citizenry with adequate information and knowledge that will enable them to contribute meaningfully to the socioeconomic development of their immediate society.

However, there is no access to information without efficient and functional libraries. As libraries creates platforms that provides free and equitable access to information and knowledge for all.

Our Mission

To revamp libraries across Africa for measurable impacts that will transform her communities through access to information

Our Vision

To have functional libraries and efficient libraries providing access to information for community development and capacity building transforming Africa for the world

Our Project Focus

Africa’s rapid growth rate demands the need to create safe and conducive spaces that will provide access to information for the needs of her people. Information equips the mind of the citizenry with the knowledge that will enable them to contribute meaningfully to the socioeconomic development of their immediate society

  • Access to information: through this, we facilitate library development projects, book donations, library set-up (Physical library space & E-Library Platform)
  • Library advocacy: through this we drive awareness, policy reforms, data collation and dissemination to facilitate improved library feasibility.
  • Capacity development: through this we develop the capacity of library professionals with 21st century skills that will aid service delivery and foster understanding and engagement with sustainable development plans.

Our Strategies

Consultancy services

Capacity Building

Library Data

Voluntary Services

Media Engagement

Strategic Partnership & Collaboration

Library Development Projects

o Physical Library Space
o E-Library Platform